To mark the inspiration of the songs of John Lennon on the occasion of his 80th birthday, the city of Liverpool has launched a worldwide contest to find another great song to hearten and brighten the world.

The Liverpool International Song For Kindness Contest aims to find an anthem that will follow the example of John Lennon’s Imagine and will raise spirits and inspire hope and goodwill as the planet plans its recovery from the devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The contest – launched by Liverpool City Council in association with the kindness charity and the world-famous Cavern Club – will run for 11 months and will be open to every songwriter and band on the planet, amateur and professional, “from buskers to Beatles”.

To enter the entirely free contest, songwriters, bands and all musicians around the world are invited to simply upload a video of themselves performing an appropriate song of their own composition or their cover of another’s song to the

KIND20 Page on Facebook –
or upload their song to a Dropbox link:


The Liverpool Song for Kindness contest inspired to uplift our fellow human beings, musicians, aspiring musicians to have a go at composing: –

  • To include all songwriters, singers, players, and bands all around the globe, songs may be submitted in any language
  • Focus the lyrics on kindness, compassion in any style of music from blues to baroque, rock’n’roll to jazz, hip-hop to house, rasta to rock, country to classic, pop to punk, etc,
  • Participants can work in teams or as individuals and may register as many songs as you like.
  • If you are part of a band and also wish to write your own song, you may submit an individual entry in addition to the band’s entry.
  • Register and submit your song for kindness


  • Participation in this contest is completely voluntary and is open to any ability or experience level
  • Submissions are required to be uploaded through the relevant process, as outlined on the website
  • Vulgarity/Aggressive/Violent language/Adult themes or content will not be accepted
  • The lyrics must be understandable
  • All lyrics and music should convey the essence of the contest- love, kindness, compassion, joy, hope, or happiness
  • All covers will be welcomed and showcased, but will not be part of the final top 50 finalist
What does a song about kindness sound like?
Here are some examples (all rights reserved by artists):

Jimmy Coburn 2020 – “Together as 1”
John Lennon 1971 – “Imagine”
Trevor Hall – “Where’s the Love?”

Closing date 31st July 2021
Winner announced 9th September 2021